Access Code Entry

To access the Gallup Student Poll for your school on this computer, please enter your school Access Code in the field below. If you have not received an access code, please contact the Gallup Student Poll representative for your school or district. If you have not yet registered to be part of the Gallup Student Poll, please do so now to obtain an access code. Please do not share this Access Code with students. Doing so will provide a student the opportunity to access the survey and to enter data from any computer with internet access.

Once a student completes a survey, the language selection screen will reappear and the survey will be ready for the next student to participate. The survey will continue to restart until all students have completed the survey and you close your web browser.

The Gallup Student Poll survey will be open during normal school hours from Monday through Friday of your selected field period.

Enter your School Access Code (case sensitive): Start the Gallup Student Poll
Invalid Access Code Entered. Please verify the code you have entered is correct.

Important Note: Each Access Code is school specific. Do not use a single code to administer surveys within multiple schools. If you do so, results will not be able to distinguishable between schools. If you do not enter a valid code, you will not be able to proceed to the survey.

If you need assistance completing this survey, please contact Gallup Client Support by sending an email to or calling 866-346-4408.